Make Your Property More Secure

Make Your Property More Secure

Surround your yard with a sturdy new fence

If you're looking to install a fence on your property, you've come to the right place. Our professionals specialize in landscape and hardscape maintenance.

Powell Concrete Hardscape and Landscaping, LLC provides clients with well-built, durable fences.

Our capable crew can install...

  • Pool fences
  • Privacy fences
  • Garden fences

You can choose from metal, wood or plastic fencing materials.

Arrange for a fence installation in Fort Mill, SC by calling us today at 704-519-6789.

5 advantages of installing a privacy fence

Homeowners around the country have installed privacy fences. Below are five key benefits of this type of fence.


Keep to yourself and shut out noisy neighbors.


Passersby will be less likely to trespass.


Your children and pets will have a safe place to play.


Fences will help keep critters out of your yard

Curb appeal

A gorgeous fence will boost the visual appeal of your property.

Don't wait any longer. Schedule fence installation services now.